Soft touch pocket spring units with independently wrapped coils for unmatched sleep support
Unique Hour-Glass shaped Bonnell coil units. Double-tempered to create ultra tough, comfortable mattresses
Infinite spring units are designed to work in tandem to carry a distributed load and offer a better sleeping posture
Matrix Continuous coil units have 150% more working coils thanks to the unique "continuous-everlasting design"
Want your new Rest Assured bed to match your taste and style? Customize your base to fit its surroundings
At the heart of each Rest Assured bed is a solid, ultra-tough spring construction with exclusive features. Coupled with the latest technology, this basic approach allows an almost limitless range of comfort choices and ensures outstanding value.

Rest Assured plays an important role in the daily lives of millions of South Africans, get your Rest Assured bed today and find out why.
Rest Assured Ranges

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